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FOP documentation is hard to find!

I've been mucking around with generating PDF documents on the fly with FOP. I inherited the code from one of my co-workers, just to add some styling and layout elements. Is it just me, or is FOP one of the worst documented libraries out there? It is really, really hard to find good, practical information on how to do some pretty simple things. You would think they would have more information on the FOP site, but there really isn't much. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the good resources that I managed to find: I'll post some of the code another day, as I think it will certainly be useful to people -- how to include images, three-column layouts in headers/footers without using tables, page x of n, etc.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/17/2005 10:14:00 am  

the FOP reference on is invaluable.

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