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Time to learn other languages...

I've often been of the belief that it is good as a developer wear a few hats. I feel that I have been wearing the ColdFusion (CFML) hat for too long, to the point were it is all that I am doing. Here is my plan.
  1. Get back into Java. I've dabbled in Java a bit, having built a few CFX tags that talk to external systems. I also studied Java at University. I haven't touched it in quite some time though, and have pretty much forgotten anything useful. I think as a serious ColdFusion programmer, you've got to expose yourself to Java at some point.
  2. Extend Firefox. I'm looking forward to mucking around with the Firefox UI, and creating some of my own extensions. From what I have read, the XUL stuff is really easy to get your head around.
I'll be posting about some of my adventures in the near future!

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