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CherryOS released

CherryOS, the controversial MAC emulator for Windows, has been released. One of my previous posts on MossyBlog spoke of the plagerism allegations against Maui Xstream, the Hawaii-based developer of the $50 product. According to Wired:
"Dave Schroeder, a senior systems engineer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, looked at both October's preview release and Tuesday'srelease and did not like what he found. "
Essentially what this supports are the wide claims that the software has "stolen" (or used) code from the established open-source PearPC. Under the GNU license, Maui Xstream is entitled to use the code, but they must also make their own codebase freely avaiable to anyone that asks for it. This looks doubtful given that they are wholly denying any wrongdoing.

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